LV8 Workshop tailor made for South Garage Motor Co

 LV8 ELEVATE has designed and developed a custom solution of workshop furniture for  South Garage Motor Company, star of custom's international scene and factory of modern custom classic.

Every LV8QUBE module furniture was designed by maintaining unaltered the philosophy of the atelier: Exalt Essence as the removal of the unnecessary and exploitation of handcrafted and quality of materials.

The workshop furniture Lv8 Qube has kept unchanged the style of the workshops that are typical of customer bike with a modern layout and ergonomic.

The workbenches workshop with integrated controls inside the furniture customized, is composed by 2 trolley modules with 7 drawers, 4 drawers module, 2 doors module with pressure lock and shelf and 3 shelf and rear closing kit with shutter lock.

Make your workshop different, choose LV8.