LV8 Elevate the workshop of Kiara Fontanesi

Kiara Fontanesi will take part in the Women's World Motocross Championships with Yamaha.

The four-times world champion and her Team Team Fonta MX are making a return to their origins with work already underway on the YZ 250 which has just arrived at the Ponte Taro headquarters, near Parma.(Pr).

After a year away at Honda, Kiara will face the 2017 challenge with the motorcycle which she rode to four world championship wins.

The official announcement was made during the inauguration of the renovated racing department of the Parma-based team who chose our modular furnishings experts for the restyling of their workshop. 

Guests were met with the recent past, Honda, and the future, Yamaha, on entering the new workshop.

Kiara Fontanesi will have the new Yamaha YZ 250 at her disposal to race after her fifth world title following a tough season with Honda, a bike with which she was unable to create a perfect relationship. Added to that, the 2016 world championship season was full of unlucky episodes which robbed her of the chance to win various races. It's all part of the sport, however, and both rider and team dealt with every situation they were faced with for the best.

Now it's time to set off again to chase the number 1 position and the whole staff is more motivated than ever to do well.